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Get the column name and cell value of a data grid on click

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Modified on Thu, 09 Dec 2010 05:15 PM Categorized as Data Grid, How-to, Scripting
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This script will allow you determine the column name and the value of the cell when a data grid is clicked.

The script will also work if the columns are re-ordered in the data grid.

Note: You will have to change the script to reflect your column and control names.


Place this script in the data grid's Click Interactions list.

// Get the cell being clicked
object cell = e.VisualElementArgs;

// Get the row and column of cell object row = cell.DashboardDataGridRow; object col = cell.DashboardDataGridDataMemberColumn;

// Get the datapoint associated with the row object dp = row.DataPoint;

// Get the clicked column's index (relative to datapoint) based on the Id of the column as it appears in the grid int clickedColumnIndex = DataGrid1.DataDescriptors[0].DataResult.GetColumnIndex(e.ColumnId);

// Get the clicked column's name string clickedColumnName = col.ToString();

// Get the value associated with the cell string clickedCellValue = dp.FieldValues[clickedColumnIndex];

// Show the output in a message box string msg = string.Empty;

msg += "Clicked cell column name : " + clickedColumnName + "\r\n"; msg += "Clicked cell value : " + clickedCellValue;


Sample output

Sample output of clicking on the grid.

Sample output of clicking on the grid.

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