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Dashboard v5.0

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Dashboard Evaluation Downloads

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Modified on Tue, 07 Jul 2015 10:30 AM Categorized as Evaluation Downloads
Evaluation downloads

Before you download

We recommend that those downloading and installing the evaluation of Dundas Dashboard be familiar with more sophisticated Enterprise client/server installations, as knowledge of network security and data connection procedures are needed for proper installation.

If you would like to see the product without installing it, we recommend you view the video tutorials or book a live demo with our team.

Note: If you require assistance during the installation process, please contact an account representative at 416-467-5100 / 800-463-1492 or at to arrange assistance.

Installation keys

Warning: You'll need this key to run the &dw; 5.0.3 Installer.

  • Dundas Dashboard 5.0.3 Revision 11:
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Installer downloads

Before you download, please read the system requirements for &dw;.

Note: Dundas Dashboard v3.0 and later uses a new installer. Please read the installation instructions to avoid accidental upgrade of your existing application database.

Version 5.0

&dw; v5.0.3 lets you install add-ons to provide additional functionality. Click here for a full list of available add-ons and instructions on installing them.

Note: You must install &dw; 5.0.3 before you can install and use Dashboard add-ons.

Now what?

After you've installed the software, you might find these links useful:

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