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Dashboard How-to Videos

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Modified on Fri, 06 Jun 2014 02:08 PM
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Welcome to our How-to Videos page. In this page you will find a selection of articles turned into video for your convenience, as well as other featured videos worth watching. Videos are very easy to follow, with a hands-on approach that will allow you to follow every step of the video.

For Dashboard Administrators

Installation & Upgrading


  • Windows User Login: How to configure Dundas Dashboard to use Windows Login to access your Dundas Dashboard instance.

Project Migration

Dashboard Creation Proccess

Data Flow

  • Data Flow: Demonstrates the Data Flow within Dundas Dashboard.

Data Connector

Virtual Cube




  • Top Ten: Display the top ten values.

Small Multiples


  • Add Parameters: Add parameters to your dashboard and filter the data controls.



Real-Time Dashboard

Dashboard Viewing

  • Mashup: How to create a mashup.

For Developers

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