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Dashboard v5.5

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Issues Fixed in Dundas Dashboard 5.5

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Modified on Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:46 PM Categorized as Release Notes
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Version 5.5

List of issues fixed

  1. End date in date range picker shows the last OLAP date dimension member after InvalidateFilter is called. (Ref. #36373)
  2. Services script method SetupScheduledReport does not work in HTML. (Ref. #36551)
  3. Cannot set up a drill down interaction on a splitter dimension if the main axis dimension is an instant dimension and it has an associated filter defined. (Ref. #37096)
  4. Dates shown in Define Schedule dialog for HTML are not localized. (Ref. #47946)
  5. Multi-Select Viewer does not display the selected options when viewing the dashboard. (Ref. #48832)
  6. Deployment center throws error This installation requires Microsoft SQL Server 9.00.1399 or later even when sql server is 9 or later. (Ref. #54076)
  7. Target privileges are being overwritten during import (Ref. #55062)
  8. Expose the timeout property of the integration library in the config file (Ref. #58779)

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