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The InteractionCommand type exposes the following members.


Public methodInteractionCommand
Initializes a new instance of the InteractionCommand class.


Public methodToCommand
Converts this InteractionCommand to a Command object.
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents the current Object.
(Inherited from Interaction.)


Public propertyGroupSortKey
Gets or sets a value which indicates the group that this command belongs to.
Public propertyId
Gets or sets the id.
(Inherited from Interaction.)
Public propertyImageUrl
Gets or sets the image URL which shows up as the command's image.
Public propertyInteractionType
Gets or sets the type of the interaction.
(Inherited from Interaction.)
Public propertyIsSilverlightOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this interaction is fired in Silverlight only and not supported in HTML.
(Inherited from Interaction.)
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
(Inherited from Interaction.)
Public propertyScript
Gets or sets the script.
(Inherited from Interaction.)
Public propertySortKey
Gets or sets a value which indicates how this command should be sorted relative to other commands in a collection.
Public propertySubCommands
Gets or sets the sub commands.

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