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The NativeStructure type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberGetAsync
Retrieve native structure object by its id.
Public methodStatic memberGetCollectionAsync
Retrieve a native structure collection by the ids.


Public propertyAvailableRelations
Gets the available relationships.
Public propertyColumns
Gets a collection of columns.
Public propertyDataConnectorId
Gets the id of parent data connector.
Public propertyDescription
Gets data structure description.
Public propertyFlatFileTable
Gets the flat file table.
Public propertyId
Gets data structure id.
Public propertyIsInvalid
Gets a value indicating whether this structure is invalid.
Public propertyName
Gets data structure name.
Public propertyParameters
Gets a collection of parameters.
Public propertyRelationships
Gets a collection of foreign keys.
Public propertyStructureType
Gets type of the data structure.

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