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The Project type exposes the following members.


Public methodDeleteAsync(OnCompleted)
Deletes this instance.
Public methodStatic memberDeleteAsync(Guid, OnCompleted)
Deletes a Project specified by its ID.
Public methodStatic memberDuplicateAsync
Duplicates a Project specified by its ID.
Public methodStatic memberGetAsync
Retrieves an instance of the Project class specified by its ID.
Public methodStatic memberGetProjectsContainingViewableDashboardsAsync
Gets the Projects containing dashboards to which the caller has read access. The retrieved Projects are devoid of all non-Dashboard content.
Public methodStatic memberGetResourcesOnlyAsync
Retrieves an instance of the Project class specified by its ID. Only the Resources folder is populated.
Public methodStatic memberPasteAsync
Pastes the contents of a Project specified by its ID into a target Project.
Public methodRefreshAsync
Refreshes the properties of this instance.
Public methodSaveAsync
Saves this instance.


Public propertyAnalyticalDashboardsFolder
Gets the project's analytical dashboards folder.
Public propertyAnnotationSetsFolder
Gets the project's annotation sets folder.
Public propertyDashboardsFolder
Gets the project's dashboards folder.
Public propertyDataConnectorsFolder
Gets the project's data connectors folder.
Public propertyDataSetsFolder
Gets the project's Datasets folder.
Public propertyDefaultGlobalThemeResourceId
Gets the ID of the global default theme resource.
Public propertyDefaultThemeResourceId
Gets the ID of the project's default theme resource.
Public propertyDescription
Gets or sets the project's description.
Public propertyDimensionsFolder
Gets the project's dimensions folder.
Public propertyId
Gets the project's ID.
Public propertyKpisFolder
Gets the project's KPIs folder.
Public propertyMashupsFolder
Gets the project's mashups folder.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the project's name.
Public propertyParentFolderId
Gets the project's parent folder ID.
Public propertyResourcesFolder
Gets the project's Resources folder.
Public propertySharedResourcesFolder
Gets the project's Shared Resources folder.
Public propertyVirtualCubesFolder
Gets the project's virtual cubes folder.
Public propertyVirtualStructuresFolder
Gets the project's virtual structures folder.

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