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The ScheduledReport type exposes the following members.


Public methodScheduledReport
Initializes a new instance of the ScheduledReport class.


Public methodStatic memberDeleteByIdsAsync
Deletes the scheduled reports.
Public methodStatic memberDisableByIdsAsync
Disables the scheduled reports.
Public methodStatic memberEnableByIdsAsync
Enables the scheduled reports.
Public methodStatic memberGetAdminReports
Gets the scheduled reports for admin screen.
Public methodStatic memberGetAsync
Retrieves the scheduled report given the id.
Public methodStatic memberGetReports
Gets the list of enabled scheduled reports that belong to current user.
Public methodSaveAsync
Saves the scheduled report.


Public propertyDataFormat
Gets the data format.
Public propertyDelivery
Gets the delivery information.
Public propertyDescription
Gets or sets the description.
Public propertyId
Gets the notification definition id.
Public propertyIsEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is enabled.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
Public propertyReportMetadata
Gets the report metadata.
Public propertySchedule
Gets or sets the schedule.
Public propertyUserId
Gets or sets the user id.
Public propertyUserName
Gets the user name.


Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value changes.

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