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The ViewerNavigationItem type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddChild
Adds the child.
Public methodRemove
Removes this instance from its parent.
Public methodRename
Renames the specified new name.
Public methodSetParent
Sets the parent.


Public propertyContent
Gets the content.
Public propertyDescription
Gets the description.
Public propertyHasThumbnail
Gets a value indicating whether this instance has thumbnail.
Public propertyId
Gets the id of the item.
Public propertyImage
Gets the image.
Public propertyIsContainer
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is container (ie: Folder).
Public propertyIsCurrentlyViewed
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is currently viewed.
Public propertyItemType
Gets the type of the item.
Public propertyName
Gets the name.
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent.
Public propertySmallImage
Gets the small image.
Public propertySubitems
Gets the sub items.


Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value changes.

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