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The AnalyticalCellSetChangedEventArgs type exposes the following members.


Public methodAnalyticalCellSetChangedEventArgs
Initializes a new instance of the AnalyticalCellSetChangedEventArgs class


Public propertyCellSet
Gets or sets the cell set.
Public propertyHandled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this DashboardElementEventArgs is handled.
(Inherited from DashboardElementEventArgs.)
Public propertyTag
Gets or sets a bag for anything the user wants to store when using event args. Generally this can only be used for specific purposes that are known ahead of time, such as creating a new event arg for InteractionList firing on the Dashboard.
(Inherited from DashboardEventArgs.)
Public propertyTargetObjectType
Gets or sets the type of the target object.
(Inherited from AnalyticalObjectEventArgs.)
Public propertyVisualElementArgs
Gets the visual element args.
(Inherited from AnalyticalObjectEventArgs.)

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