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Radar Area Chart - Dashboard Control

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Modified on Mon, 08 Apr 2013 02:32 PM Categorized as Chart, Data Controls, Design
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A Radar Area Chart.

A Radar Area Chart.


The Radar Area Chart is a type of circular graph that plots data points as a filled area between zero (at center of the graph) and the measure value. This chart can be an alternative to the Radar Line Chart.

The grid lines in the plotting area can be displayed as polygons or circles.

Tip: In a Radar Area Chart, series are always successively layered over each other, since they each start from zero (&ie; the center). To make sure your chart works well with multiple series:
  • Order data series with larger values before those with smaller values.
  • Use a semi-transparent color in the Fill for the series.
  • Consider a Radar Stacked Area Chart or another chart type if your data does not make sense this way.

Other notes:


The Radar Area Chart has features in common with the Radar Line Chart, including Plotting Area Style, Radar Size, Minimum Radar Size, and Start Angle.


You can access the Radar Area Chart type from the Dashboard Designer Toolbox, under the Data Controls\Charts folder.

Radar Area Chart from the toolbox.

Radar Area Chart from the toolbox.

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