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Configuring Dundas Dashboard for SharePoint

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Modified on Fri, 22 Nov 2013 11:39 AM
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Configuration notes

App.config file

After installing &dw; for SharePoint, you can change settings for the Dashboard Web Part by editing the app.config file, usually located at:

%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\{Version of SharePoint}\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Dundas\Dashboard\App.config


To view error details in the form of a tooltip when you hover over an error message in the Web Part Configuration Panel:

  • Set the ShowErrorDetails key to true in the App.config file.

To turn off the error message tooltips globally for all Web Part instances:

  • Set the ShowErrorDetails key to false in the App.config file.

Tooltips may be truncated if they get too long. However, you can always access the full exception stack trace from the Windows event log.

Default key value: true



The WindowsLoginType key controls the behavior for Windows Authentication. There are two options:

  • LoginOnClient - This will ping the Dundas Dashboard server to ensure that it is valid and the actual session is created in the Silverlight client.
  • LoginOnServer - This will make a call on the SharePoint server to get a Windows login token. The call will use the current credentials running in SharePoint (⪚ the Windows user accessing the web page). If Dundas Dashboard is running on the same server as SharePoint this should work. If Dundas Dashboard is installed on a different server and SharePoint is using NTLM authentication then you may need to use Kerberos and delegation in order to get this to work.

Default key value: LoginOnClient

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