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Annotation List - Dashboard Control

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Modified on Wed, 05 Mar 2014 12:04 PM Categorized as Annotations, General Controls
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The Dundas Dashboard Annotation List control lets you create a dashboard (or dashblock) with an always-visible Annotation List window, which makes it easier for viewers to see the dashboard's annotations filtered by Dataset or KPI.

The Annotation List control.

The Annotation List control.

Tip: In Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2, two new properties were added to the annotation list control which let you choose the KPIs or datasets to appear in its dropdown, and also select one of the KPIs or datasets to be the default dropdown selection (instead of All). Change the Data Setting property to <Custom> to enable this mode, and then use the Data Columns property to enter the names of the KPIs or datasets you want to appear in the dropdown. For one of the KPIs or datasets added, set its Default Data property to True if you want it to be the default KPI or dataset for the annotation list. This new feature applies to Silverlight viewing only.

Annotation List data properties.

Annotation List data properties.

Table of contents

  1. Using the Annotation List
  2. Properties Reference
  3. Interactions Reference

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