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Dashboard v5.0

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Using the Dashboard Upgrade Utility

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Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:36 AM
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DatabaseUpgrader is a command-line utility that is included with the Dundas Dashboard installation. Use DatabaseUpgrader to manually invoke the application database schema update withouth having to run the full Dundas Dashboard installation process.

By default, DatabaseUpgrader is installed to the following folder:

  • Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas Dashboard\2.5.0 (Rev 1)\Tools\DatabaseUpgrader

The actual path on your system will vary depending on the exact version and location of your &dw; installation.

How to use the DatabaseUpgrade utility

  1. Open up the Windows Command Prompt
  2. Navigate to the path where the DatabaseUpgrader utility is installed
  3. Type the following command and hit Enter

    Dundas.Dashboard.DatabaseUpgrader.exe "[path to Dundas.Dashboard.config file]"

The path to the config file referenced above is the full path to a Dundas.Dashboard.config file that defines the application settings (including database connection strings that the database upgrader utility requires).

For example: DatabaseUpgrader>Dundas.Dashboard.DatabaseUpgrader "C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas Dashboard\2.0.6\www\Dundas.Dashboard.config"

Note: The config file can be located anywhere and does not necessarily have to be the one in the \www folder.


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