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Dashboard v5.0

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Dundas Dashboard Deployment Center

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The Dundas Dashboard Deployment Center is an all-in-one application that lets you install, upgrade and maintain instances of Dundas Dashboard on a server computer.

A Dundas Dashboard instance is simply a named version of the Dundas Dashboard product. As an example, you can install a Dundas Dashboard instance for development, testing or staging purposes, and have a separate instance dedicated to production usage.

Using the Deployment Center


Once you have downloaded the Deployment Center product from Dundas, simply run the executable on the server computer where you want to install Dundas Dashboard. The Deployment Center will automatically install itself as a standalone program.

Unlock the installer

If this is your first time using the Deployment Center, you will be asked to enter an email address and product key for unlocking the Deployment Center installer. If you downloaded the installer from Dundas, this information can be found in the Dundas Support Client Zone.

To unlock the installer:

  1. Type the email address in the Email box.
  2. Type the product key in the Key box.
  3. Click Enter Key. The Overview screen of the Deployment Center is displayed.

Tip: The next time you run the Deployment Center, you won't need to enter this information again.

Unlock the installer.

Unlock the installer.

Overview screen

The Overview screen is the main launching point for installing or upgrading Dundas Dashboard and optional components such as Dundas Dashboard for SharePoint and the Image Creation Service.

The Overview screen.

The Overview screen.

About screen

From the Overview screen, go to the sidebar and click About to see version information for the Deployment Center, which is the same as the version of Dundas Dashboard that it installs.

The About screen.

The About screen.

Launching the Deployment Center

The Deployment Center can be launched from your Programs menu as follows:

  • Point to Dundas Data Visualization, Inc, point to Dundas Dashboard Deployment Center 5.0, then choose the Deployment Center item.

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