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Dashboard v5.0

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Dashboard General Controls

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Modified on Wed, 20 Jun 2012 03:36 PM Categorized as Design, General Controls
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The General controls are elements that can enhance your dashboard, but don't deal directly with KPI data.

General controls

  • Annotation List — The Annotation List control lets you display a dashboard's annotations directly in the dashboard, for greater visibility.
  • Button — A clickable user-interface button.
  • CheckBox — The CheckBox control lets you add a customizable check box to your dashboard. You can then add Interaction scripts to make it do exactly what you want.
  • DashBlock Viewer — The DashBlock Viewer lets you display any DashBlock in your dashboard. This lets you re-use DashBlocks and still provide the customized Interactions your dashboard needs.
  • Drop Down List — Present a list of items for your user to choose from.
  • Ellipse — Add an elliptical shape to your dashboard.
  • Frame — A rectangular border with a title, used as a container for other controls.
  • Horizontal Line — Divide your dashboard into logical sections.
  • Hyperlink — Adds a link to another web page.
  • Image — Decorate your dashboard with a static image.
  • Label — Use text labels to identify your dashboard and its DVs.
  • Label (Rich Text) — A text label that you can format using simple HTML markup.
  • Parameter Update Button — Causes parameter controls with the manual update type to apply their filter values to data.
  • Radio Button — Use Radio Buttons to provide the user with a single selection from multiple options.
  • Rectangle — Use rectangles to highlight or decorate areas of your dashboard.
  • Slider — Use the Slider control to let your users select a value from a specified range. Interactions let you react to these changes.
  • Text Box — Lets your users enter a line of text.
  • Theme Selector — Allows users to change the current dashboard theme.
  • Timer — The Timer control allows you to have an interaction that fires on a timer.
  • Vertical Line — Divide your dashboard into logical sections.

Dashboard Canvas

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