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Enabling Data Refresh on a KPI or Dataset

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Modified on Tue, 15 Oct 2013 12:05 PM


This article introduces you to the idea of setting up real time data refresh on any given data visualization. This process is completely wizard driven and allows your controls to be updated based on a timer without any loading messages.

Tip: watch the how to video: Build a Real-Time Dashboard

How to enable data refresh

To enable data refresh:

  1. In the Dashboard Designer, select the control that you would like to automatically have refreshed.
    Select chart.
  2. Click the menu button in the top right corner of the control and select "Data Information".
    Chart context menu.
  3. Once you have selected data information, another window will appear. Click the leftmost button in order to bring up the Data Settings Configuration Wizard.
    Choose the Data Information option.
  4. Now check off "Enable data refresh" and set the frequency in which this control should automatically be refreshed.
    Enable data refresh.

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