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This is the support page for the legacy Dundas Dashboard application. For assistance with the current Dundas BI application please click here.
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Using the Dashboard Viewer in Your Applications

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The Dundas Dashboard Enhanced Viewer makes it easy to add Dashboard viewing to your applications or to your existing SharePoint systems as a Web Part.

Table of contents

  1. Viewer Overview
  2. Using Viewer.aspx
  3. Using the Viewer Integration Sample
  4. Using the Enhanced Viewer in Silverlight Applications
  5. Using the Enhanced Viewer in ASP.NET Applications
  6. Using the Enhanced Viewer in MVC Applications
  7. Using the Enhanced Viewer in Non-.NET Web Applications
  8. Using the HTML Viewer in ASP.NET Applications
  9. Dundas Dashboard for SharePoint

Note: If your Dashboard viewing application is not installed on the same web server as &dw;, please refer to Network Security Access Restrictions in Silverlight for details about security restrictions imposed on Silverlight applications.

Viewer Integration API

API reference for viewer integration classes.

Client APIEnhancedViewerWhen you integrate the viewer into a Silverlight application, this is the class that encapsulates the Enhanced Viewer control. Use the properties and methods of this class to customize the viewer such as showing or hiding the toolbar.
Client APIEnhancedViewer.ViewerServicesProvides common functionality for users of the Enhanced Viewer. There are methods for getting information about available dashboards and more.
Server APIIntegrationHelperThis is the primary server integration class which is needed for initialization, obtaining login tokens, and logging in to Dundas Dashboard.

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