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Excel Export Add-on Documentation

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Modified on Wed, 08 Aug 2012 05:20 PM Categorized as Add-ons, Dashboard Export, OLAP
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In Dundas Dashboard 3.0.4 or later, Excel Export is included in the standard installation of Dundas Dashboard. Accordingly, the Excel Export add-on is no longer available in the Deployment Center as of version 3.0.4.


The Excel Export Add-On allows you to export your Dashboard - entirely or selected controls - to a Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010 Workbook or Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet. In addition to the output of your Dashboard data, the Excel 2007/2010 Workbook format also allows you to insert an image of the entire Dashboard or individual control alongside your exported data.

Tip: The Excel Export add-on works with both performance dashboards and analytical dashboards. In the case of analytical dashboards, only the data displayed on the current page is exported.

General usage

To export your Dashboard using the Excel Export Add-On, click on the Export icon from Dashboard's main toolbar. When the Export dialog pops up, select the Export entire Dashboard or Export selected controls option and then click Finish. If you want to customize the output of your Excel file, click the Advanced... button to open up the Advanced Options dialog.

Export Dialog.

Export Dialog.

Advanced options

When the Advanced... button is clicked from within the main Export dialog, the Advanced Options dialog will pop up, showing several options that will allow you customize the output of your Excel document.

Advanced Options Dialog.

Advanced Options Dialog.

Output file format

This field lets you choose the type of output to produce. Currently there are two Excel formats supported: Excel 2007/2010 Workbook and Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet. Both formats support all features available in the Advanced Options dialog, with the exception of image saving, which is not supported in Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet format.

Auto-resize cells to fit content

When this field is checked, the cells width and height will be adjusted in order to fit the content in the cell.

Add border to Header cells

When this field is checked, the header cells will be surrounded by a black border.

Add border to Detail cells

When this field is checked, all the detail cells will be surrounded by a black border.

Include image of entire Dashboard or selected control(s) in the spreadsheet

When this field is checked, along with the data, an image of the Dashboard or selected control(s) will be placed alongside the data.

If the Export entire Dashboard was selected from the main Export dialog, only a single image of the complete Dashboard will only be saved on the first worksheet only. To export individual images with individual controls, manually select each control from the main Export dialog.

Note: Exporting image feature is only available with the Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010 Workbook file format.

Place individual controls in separate worksheets

When this field is checked, each individual control's data (and image if supported) is saved in a separate worksheet.

Freeze Header row

When this field is checked, the first two header rows (which are the control's name and data field names) will be frozen, allowing you to scroll your data without having the headers scroll as well. To understand how Freeze or lock rows and columns works, refer to articles on Microsoft Office's website for both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007

Note: This feature is only available when the Place individual controls in separate worksheets option is checked.

Header and Detail cell alignment

These fields let you choose how the data in the header and detail cells will be aligned.

General number format, Decimal number format, Date and Time format

These fields contain the cell formatting applied to general numbers (integer, etc.), decimals (currency, float, etc.) and date and time fields. The formatting is equivalent to the Custom Format in Format Cells dialog in Excel:

Excel Format Cells Dialog.

Excel Format Cells Dialog.

Additional resources

For users without Excel 2007 installed, you can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats which will allow you to open Excel 2007 files in Excel 2003.

For users without Excel 2003 or Excel 2007/2010 installed, you can export your Dashboards to Excel 2007/2010 and then use the Excel Viewer application to open the Excel 2007/2010 files.

Manual installation

  1. Open My Computer and navigate to the folder where Plugin Manager is located.
  2. Double click PluginManager.exe to start the program.
  3. Click on Select to select the App_Data path (eg. C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas Dashboard\2.5.0\www\App_Data\).
  4. Click on the Install button to select the DbdExcelExport.plugin file which will be located in a folder such as C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas Dashboard\PlugIns\Dundas Dashboard Excel Exporter (Unsupported Add-On)-\DbdExcelExport.plugin\)
  5. After the plug-in is successfully installed, it will appear in the list.
    Plugin Manager with Excel Export add-on installed.
  6. Open a Command Prompt and perform an iisreset. See the Troubleshooting section for more information.


A common issue after installation of the add-on is that the Excel Export option does not show up in the Export dialog.

To resolve this, close your browser that has &dw; running.

Next, open up a command line window and perform an iisreset.

Once the iisreset operation completes, open up your browser and reconnect to &dw;.

Release history

  • This add-on was first released with Dundas Dashboard 2.0.0.
  • This add-on was included with the standard installation of Dundas Dashboard beginning with version 3.0.4, and is no longer an add-on.

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