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Google Analytics - Data Provider Add-on

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Modified on Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:49 PM Categorized as Add-ons, Data Connectors
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Important: The Google Analytics Add-On no longer works due to Google's discontinuation of the ClientLogin API as of April 20th, 2015. See Known Issues for more details.


This add-on lets you import website statistics data from your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that compiles statistics regarding visitors to a website.


Google Analytics account

You must have a Google Analytics account in order to use this add-on. To sign up, go to:


Google API key

Next, you must obtain a Google API key for the Analytics API. Below are some example steps:

  1. Go to this URL https://code.google.com/apis/console and sign in to your Google/Gmail account.
  2. Click Create Project if necessary to create a new API project.
    Create API Project.
  3. Click Services in the sidebar to see all available services. Locate Analytics API and click on its Status so it turns ON.
    Turn on Analytics API.
  4. Click API Access in the sidebar and locate the API key. Copy and paste the key value into Notepad (for example) for later use.
    API key.

Installing the add-on

Follow these steps to install the Google Analytics add-on:

  1. Start the Deployment Center on your Dundas Dashboard server.
  2. Install the Google Analytics add-on.
  3. Restart the Dundas Dashboard website.

Creating a Google Analytics data connector

To create a Google Analytics data connector, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new data connector from the Design Explorer.
  2. In the General tab of the Data Connector Designer, set the Provider dropdown to Other Data Sources.
  3. Click the Add button below the Data Sources grid. The Define Data Structures dialog is displayed.
  4. In the Define Data Structures dialog:
    • Set the Data Source Type to Google Analytics.
    • Enter a Table name.
    • Enter the Username corresponding to your Google Analytics account (typically a gmail address).
    • Copy and paste the Google API key which you obtained earlier.
    • Type the password for your Google Analytics account.
    • Click Login.
      Define Data Structures dialog.
  5. Once you have logged in:
    • Select a profile (&ie; a Google Analytics account).
    • Click on one or more dimensions to import.
    • Click on one or more measures to import.
    • Click Discover Table Structure. The selected dimensions and measures appear in the Columns grid.
      Define Discovered table structure.
  6. Click OK to close the Define Data Structures dialog.
  7. Click Save from the toolbar to begin importing the analytics data into the table that you specified.

When the import is complete, you can view and preview the imported data.

Google Analytics data connector.

Google Analytics data connector.

Next, you can build a virtual table, KPI, and ultimately a dashboard to visualize this data.

Interpreting the Data

This add-on contains many, but not all, of the Dimensions and Measures used on Google Analytics. Additionally, some metrics are calculated using other metrics. For example, avgTimeOnPage is calculated as:

ga:avgTimeOnPage = ga:timeOnPage / (ga:pageviews - ga:exits)

In this case, avgTimeOnPage is not an available metric using the add-on, it must be calculated using the available metrics as above. For more information on how metrics are calculated, see the documentation.

Release history

This add-on was first released with Dundas Dashboard 4.0.0.

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