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Dundas Dashboard - Upgrade Installation

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Installation screen of the Deployment Center.

Installation screen of the Deployment Center.

Before You Begin

Review the notes in the article, Upgrading Dundas Dashboard.

Upgrade Installation

This option lets you upgrade an existing Dundas Dashboard instance. You will also have the option of upgrading any installed add-ons and extra components such as the Image Creation Service. Your existing Dundas Dashboard DataStore and Sync databases will be upgraded to the newer version.

Note: The Upgrade option will upgrade both your Dundas Dashboard application instance and databases. After the installation, your previous instance of Dundas Dashboard will no longer be available.

If you want to preserve your existing Dundas Dashboard instance, use the Advanced Installation with the option to clone existing databases instead. This will perform an upgrade of the cloned datastore and sync databases but leave your existing databases unchanged. However, the Advanced Installation won't upgrade extra components/add-ons for you. You will have to install these separately from the Deployment Center afterwards.

Warning: Upgrading to a newer version is irreversible. You will not be able to rollback to your previous version after upgrade. Before upgrading, especially your Production environment, make sure you've simulated the upgrade on a Test environment first.

Here are the installation steps for the Upgrade Installation:

  1. From the Installation screen, click Upgrade a Dundas Dashboard Instance.
  2. Review and check installation prerequisites.
  3. Select an existing Dundas Dashboard instance.
  4. Accept the terms in the license agreement.
  5. Enter instance details.
  6. Choose add-ons to upgrade.
  7. Choose the image creation service for upgrade.
  8. Review upgrade details.
  9. Begin upgrading.
  10. Review upgrade summary.
  11. Launch Dundas Dashboard.

Installation Screens

Installation Prerequisites

The installation requires a number of prerequisites to be installed before it can proceed further. If your system has all of the prerequisites, simply click Next to continue.

If your system is missing some of the prerequisites:

  1. Install the missing prerequisites.
  2. Go back to the installer screen and click Run System Configuration Test to have the installer check prerequisites on your computer again.
  3. Once all of the checks are passed, click Next to continue.

Installation Prerequisites screen.

Installation Prerequisites screen.

Dundas Dashboard Instance

Choose the Dundas Dashboard instance to upgrade as follows:

  1. Select an existing Dundas Dashboard instance from the list.
  2. If you want to backup the application databases of the chosen instance, select Backup Databases.
  3. Click Next.

Dundas Dashboard Instance screen.

Dundas Dashboard Instance screen.

License Agreement

You must agree to the Dundas Dashboard License Agreement as follows:

  1. Click the checkbox to accept the terms in the license agreement.
  2. (Optional) Click Print to print a copy of the license agreement to your printer.
  3. Click Next to continue.

License Agreement screen.

License Agreement screen.

Instance Details

This screen requires you to give a unique name to the Dundas Dashboard Instance:

  1. Enter an instance name in the Name box. This name cannot have any spaces or special characters. Valid characters are: A-Z (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and underscores.
  2. Click Next to continue.

The instance name is used to rename the Program Files folder of the existing Dundas Dashboard instance.

Note: This screen only appears if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Dundas Dashboard which did not support instances yet. If you are upgrading from version 3.0 or later, you already have an instance so this screen will not appear.

Instance Details screen.

Instance Details screen.

Upgrade Add-Ons

Select the add-ons (plugins) that you want to upgrade, then click Next.

Upgrade Add-Ons screen.

Upgrade Add-Ons screen.

Upgrade Image Creation Service

This screen lets you upgrade the Image Creation Service. You can also choose to defer the upgrade, or uninstall the service.

  1. Select one of the following options from the dropdown list:
    • Upgrade the image creation service.
    • Uninstall the image creation service.
    • Ignore it (so you can address the upgrade of the service manually yourself later).
  2. If you chose to upgrade the service:
    • Enter the password for the identity that the service runs under.
  3. Click Next to continue.

Upgrade Image Creation Service screen.

Upgrade Image Creation Service screen.

Upgrade Details

This screen lets you review the upgrade details and choices that you selected:

  1. (Optional) Click Print to print a copy of the upgrade details to your printer.
  2. Click Upgrade to begin the upgrade process.

Upgrade Details screen.

Upgrade Details screen.

Upgrading Dundas Dashboard (progress)

This is the progress screen that is displayed while the upgrade process is running:

  1. Click Finish once the progress screen indicates the upgrade is complete.
  2. The upgrade summary screen is displayed.

Upgrading Dundas Dashboard screen.

Upgrading Dundas Dashboard screen.

Dundas Dashboard Upgrade Summary

This screen gives you a summary of the upgrade once it is complete:

  • Click the first hyperlink to launch Dundas Dashboard.
  • Click the second hyperlink to view the Readme file.
  • Expand the Summary sections and click on the various links to view the upgrade log files.

Upgrade Summary screen.

Upgrade Summary screen.

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