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This is the support page for the legacy Dundas Dashboard application. For assistance with the current Dundas BI application please click here.
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Introduction to using Dundas Support

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Welcome to Dundas Support! This article introduces you to the services we provide and the general steps to resolving technical issues.

Services we provide

  • library of self-help documentation and samples for understanding and using Dundas Dashboard
  • providing additional guidance when documentation has not resolved your issue
  • e-mail and phone support for issues arising while following procedures outlined in support articles
  • e-mail and phone support for other issues that have not been covered
  • point of contact for feature requests
  • point of contact for reporting and fixing software issues

Additional services beyond Support

Dundas is a complete solutions provider with a wide range of services for your data visualization needs. Dundas Support fulfills a critical role in ensuring that our customers receive timely assistance with technical issues about our software. For services beyond what is provided by Dundas Support, you can reach our other departments through details shown here: Contact Us or by contacting your account manager.

Some services that are performed by other departments include the following:

Solution Architects (Sales)
  • performing live demos of our software to show how we fit your application
  • defining your business requirements and dashboard needs
  • developing a custom proof-of-concept dashboard for your evaluation

Professional Services
  • building your dashboard from start to finish
  • building custom or unique dashboard functionality
  • providing dashboard design advice and applying best practices
  • dedicated training in using our software

Achieving Results

Learning the basics

  • Self-help documentation - A library of support articles that cover all aspects of our software, including step-by-step guides for implementing your data visualizations
    • Articles are arranged in the same order as your workflow, so you can easily find relevant topics as you develop expertise
  • For guided training, please contact your account manager to inquire about training your organization in a structured environment

Accomplishing specific tasks

Beyond the basic tasks covered in support articles, we also document how to achieve some commonly used functionality. These examples can be found through the following methods.

  • Dashboard samples - Working samples of dashboards and data visualizations that touch on what can be achieved with Dundas Dashboard
    • Browsing through here can give you an idea of your visualization possibilities, enhancing your experience
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Script Library - Scripting Samples.
  • - TroubleshootingError Messages and Troubleshooting articles.
  • How-to samples - Step-by-step guides to building advanced functionality, including the underlying scripts
  • Support search - Find support articles that relate to your task requirements
  • Contact our Support team through e-mail, phone, or submit a support ticket

Outside the box

  • Build it yourself - Through our powerful scripting engine, many custom features or functionality can be created. This will require your coding resources who are familiar with C# along with our scripting article.
  • Feature requests - For requesting functionality in future software releases that currently isn't easily achieved, or cannot be achieved, please contact our Support team through e-mail, phone, or submit a support ticket. We are always improving our software and expanding our capabilites to meet customer needs. Your feedback is always welcome.
  • Professional Services - For mission critical or time critical features that have not yet been implemented in our software, our Professional Services team can develop the necessary requirements in a timely manner through a consulting project. Please contact your account manager for such inquiries.

Encountering issues and errors

  • If an error message appears, the contents may help you identify the cause or the resolution of the error
  • You can also lookup the error message in our Errors section. This documentation contains commonly encountered error messages and their resolution
  • If the above has not resolved your issue, please contact us through e-mail, phone, or submit a support ticket
    Be sure to include:
    • Dundas Dashboard version number
    • Error message(s)
    • Screenshot and description of how or when the error appeared

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