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This is the support page for the legacy Dundas Dashboard application. For assistance with the current Dundas BI application please click here.
Dashboard v5.0

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Known Issues - Dundas Dashboard 5.0

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Modified on Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:43 PM Categorized as Release Notes
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Known Issues in Dundas Dashboard 5.0

Silverlight issues

The following known issues due to bugs in Silverlight 4 should be resolved by switching to Silverlight 5:

  • Any popup dialogs or windows in the Dundas Dashboard application may not work properly if you are using browser zoom.
  • If you are using Dundas Dashboard within the Firefox or Chrome browser and perform a data connector discovery or other administrative operation, you may receive an error stating “There was a network error while communicating with the server”. In this case, try to use another browser instead (⪚ Internet Explorer) or switch to Silverlight 5.
  • If you have a popup window open (such as the Export screen), and a subsequent error occurs in Dundas Dashboard, the error dialog may appear beneath the popup window instead of on top, preventing you from closing the error dialog. As a workaround, try resizing the browser window (to make the error dialog appear on top), or switch to Silverlight 5.

Known issues with using Silverlight 5:

  • An intermittent crash may occur when alternating between cut and undo operations while in the Script Editor.
  • Silverlight crash (in npctrl dll) may occur when running inside a VMware virtual machine. The recommended solution is to upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight 5 (SL 5.1.20513.0 or above contains Microsoft's fix for this issue).

HTML viewing on iOS with Safari browser

Known issues with HTML viewing on iOS (iPad, iPhone) with Safari browser:

  • There is a bug in Safari on iOS 6 that results in missing elements on your rendered dashboard when effects such as blur or drop shadow are used. The workaround is to avoid using such effects in your dashboard elements.
  • Windows Authentication login and Windows Impersonation do not work with iOS 7 and Safari browser. This applies to iPad and iPhone. The workaround is to use Chrome browser instead of Safari, or enable private browsing in Safari as follows:
    1. Clear the Safari browser cache and history.
    2. Launch Safari on your iPad (for example) and open a new tab.
    3. Enable private browsing by tapping Private in the bottom-left corner of your browser screen. When the Close All Tabs? dialog appears, tap Close All.
    4. Navigate to your HTML Explorer/Viewer URL.
    5. Enter your domain login credentials (you only need to do this once).

Scheduled reports

When creating or editing a scheduled report on a client computer, note that the next run time is calculated and displayed according to the time zone of the client computer. However, the scheduler assumes this next run time value is for the same time zone as the server computer where the scheduler is running. This means that the actual next run time will be different than that which is displayed on the client, if the time zone of the client differs from that of the scheduler server. For example, if the clock on the scheduler server is behind the client by 2 hours, the next run time will actually be two hours later than expected (as viewed from the client). There are workarounds for this issue as follows:

  • Create the new scheduled report on the server computer where the scheduler is running.
  • Create the new scheduled report on a client computer that is configured with the same time zone as the server computer where the scheduler is running.
  • If you have an existing scheduled report, locate the corresponding record in the Schedule table in the Dundas Dashboard DataStore database, and then manually edit the NextRunTime value.

Google Analytics Add-On

The Google Analytics Add-On no longer works due to Google's discontinuation of the ClientLogin API as of April 20th, 2015. See this link for more details: https://developers.google.com/gdata/docs/auth/clientlogin

As a workaround, you can export your Google Analytics data and import it into Excel or SQL Server for use with Dundas Dashboard. Our latest product, Dundas BI, uses the new Oauth API and does support Google Analytics. To learn more about possibilities for migrating from Dundas Dashboard to Dundas BI, please contact your Dundas Account Manager.


  • The token menu for the Calendar parameter control will not show any date tokens if the control is connected to a stored procedure or manual parameter. You can define custom tokens as an alternative (⪚ a single value date token).
  • If you use the Hierarchy parameter control and see the error Search in hierarchy failed due to the missing HierarchyLevel.AllMembersListQuery, this may occur because you recently upgraded your Dundas Dashboard instance/databases. In this case, a workaround you can try is to edit the dimension associated with the Hierarchy control, check out the dimension, and then check back in the dimension.
  • If you are using a data label control, and you use the Data Settings Configuration wizard (Metrics tab) to associate the data label with a different measure/metric value, the data label may enter an inconsistent state (⪚ its Data Column property value displays Data Unavailable in the property grid). If you then view or preview the dashboard, the data label shows the original measure/metric value instead of the one selected in the Metrics tab. To workaround this issue, associate the data label with all of the available measures/metrics from the Metrics tab, and then use the data label's Data Column property to set the desired measure/metric.

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