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DashboardAxisLabelSettings Class

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Modified on Fri, 16 Aug 2013 01:18 PM Categorized as Library Reference
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Provides properties for customizing the appearance of labels along an axis.

DashboardAxisLabelSettings is a DashboardAxisSettings.



ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageImageGrouping Fill [GroupingFill]DashboardBrushThe brush used to fill areas enclosed by axis label grouping lines on X axes.
ImageImageGrouping Stroke [GroupingStroke]DashboardBrushThe brush used to draw the lines used to group axis labels on X axes.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageAlignment [Alignment]DashboardAxisLabelAlignmentThe text alignment of the axis labels when perpendicular to the axis.
ImageAngle [Angle]doubleThe rotation angle of the first row of axis labels in degrees.
ImageAuto Fit Methods [AutoFitMethods]DashboardAxisLabelAutoFitMethodsThe fit methods used to automatically fit the labels within the axis.
ImageAuto Fit Minimum Font Size [AutoFitMinFontSize]doubleThe minimum size of the label font when the labels are automatically fitted within the axis.
Display Data Table [IsDataTableEnabled]boolDisplays a data table of data point Y-values below the axis labels of X axes.

Note: Does not apply to analytical dashboards.
Enable Auto Fit [IsAutoFitEnabled]boolEnables the automatic arranging of labels to fit them without overlap.
ImageFont Brush [Foreground]DashboardBrushThe brush used to paint the text.
ImageFont Family [FontFamily]DashboardFontFamilyThe name of the font used for text.
ImageFont Size [FontSize]doubleThe size of the font in pixels used for text.
ImageFont Style [FontStyle]DashboardFontStyleThe style the font used for text.
ImageFont Weight [FontWeight]DashboardFontWeightThe weight the font used for text.

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