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DashboardDataGridColumn Class

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Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:36 AM

The base class for data grid columns.

DashboardDataGridColumn is abstract and a DashboardObject.



ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
Header Text [HeaderText]stringThe text displayed in the header of the column.
Header ToolTip [HeaderToolTipText]stringThe ToolTip displayed on the header of the column.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageHeader Style [HeaderStyle]DashboardDataGridColumnHeaderStyleAllows customizing the column header appearance.
ImageVisibility [Visibility]VisibilityIndicates whether this column is visible or not. If it is collapsed, it will not be visible.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageMinWidth [MinWidth]doubleThe minimum width of the column.
ImageWidth [Width]DashboardTableViewColumnWidthThe width of the column. (e.g. '100', 'Auto', '1*')


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageHeader Text Alignment [HeaderTextAlignment]DashboardTextAlignmentThe text alignment mode of the header text.
ImageHeader Text Wrapping [HeaderTextWrapping]TextWrappingThe text wrapping mode of the header text.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
Enable Column Menu [IsColumnMenuEnabled]boolIndicates whether the column menu should be enabled.


DashboardDataGridColumn has no additional public methods.

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