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This is the support page for the legacy Dundas Dashboard application. For assistance with the current Dundas BI application please click here.
Dashboard v5.0

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DashboardDesignerLayoutCanvas Class

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Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:36 AM

Layout engine for arranging dashboard controls at design time.

DashboardDesignerLayoutCanvas is a DashboardElement.



A URL pointing to a web page containing additional information about this dashboard.

  • string AdditionalInfoUrl


The background brush for the canvas.


"A description of this dashboard.

  • string Description


The scripted interactions that can be called by other scripts with RunDashboardInteraction().


The scripted interactions defined for the dashboard load event. This occurs after all object have loaded and have data.


The scripted interactions defined for the parameter changed event. This occurs after a parameter has changed and all updates have occured to associated objects.


This is the mode which the dashboard will use to re-size itself during a size change by the user.


DashboardDesignerLayoutCanvas has no public methods.

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