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Dashboard v5.0

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DashboardParameter Class

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Modified on Wed, 06 Mar 2013 03:51 PM

A dashboard parameter definition.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
Dashboard [Dashboard]DashboardContentGets or sets the dashboard.
DateOffset [DateOffset]intGets or sets the date offset.
DateOffsetGrain [DateOffsetGrain]intGets or sets the date offset grain.
DateRangeEnd [DateRangeEnd]Nullable<DateTime>Gets the date range end.
DateRangeStart [DateRangeStart]Nullable<DateTime>Gets the date range start.
Description [Description]stringGets or sets the description.
ExcludedTokens [ExcludedTokens]TokenDescriptorCollectionGets the excluded tokens.
FilterDataIds [FilterDataIds]Collection<Guid>Gets or sets the filter data IDs.
FilterlessValue [FilterlessValue]Collection<object>Gets the filterless value. This is a value that can be used if filters are not enabled to pass values to/from
FilterValues [FilterValues]Collection<DashboardFilterValueData>Gets the filter values.
FirstDayOfTheWeek [FirstDayOfTheWeek]Nullable<DayOfWeek>Gets the first day of the week.
FormulaValue [FormulaValue]objectGets or sets the formula parameter value. This is the value to set on the formula when this parameter is acting
GrainLevel [GrainLevel]intGets or sets the default level to be used in rendering a full dimension attributes.
HashCode [HashCode]intGets the hash code.
HistoricValues [HistoricValues]ParameterInfoCollectionGets the historic values. These are the previously set values of this parameter.
HistoryPosition [HistoryPosition]intGets or sets the history position. This is the current position within .
IncludedTokens [IncludedTokens]TokenDescriptorCollectionGets the included tokens.
IncludeNewCompatibleTokens [IncludeNewCompatibleTokens]bool?Gets or sets a value indicating whether new compatible tokens should be included.
IsAxisLevelPublic [IsAxisLevelPublic]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether the axis level is public.
IsFilterLevelPublic [IsFilterLevelPublic]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether the filter level is public.
IsLoadedDynamically [IsLoadedDynamically]bool?Gets or sets a value indicating whether the parameter names and values are loaded dynamically
IsOlapQueryParameter [IsOlapQueryParameter]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether the this parameter is Olap Query parameter.
IsPeriodToPeriodPublic [IsPeriodToPeriodPublic]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether the period to period is public.
IsValueSelectionInverted [IsValueSelectionInverted]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether a logical NOT is applied to the filter value selection.
Name [Name]stringGets or sets the name.
NeedsUpdate [NeedsUpdate]boolGets or sets a value indicating whether this parameter's value has been changed since the last call to InvalidateFilter.
ParameterControlTypeName [ParameterControlTypeName]stringGets or sets the FullName of the parameter control type. This will be the control that this parameter renders as.
ParameterPropertyLinks [ParameterPropertyLinks]Collection<DashboardParameterPropertyLink>Gets the property links.
ParameterSettings [ParameterSettings]Dictionary<string,object>Gets the parameter settings.
SelectedKeys [SelectedKeys]object[]Gets the keys of the selected members.
SingleValue [SingleValue]objectGets or sets the value of a single-value filter.



Create a DashboardParameter instance.

  • DashboardParameter( )


Makes the parameter go back one value in the history. (History includes filter and grain level changes.)

  • void Back()


Copies the parameter values to the target parameter.


Makes the parameter go forward one value in the history. (History includes filter and grain level changes.)

  • void Forward()


Indicates that the filter has changed and forces anything this parameter controls to update. This is required after the filter has been changed.

  • void InvalidateFilter()
  • void InvalidateFilter( bool isHistoryPushed )


  • isHistoryPushed - If set to true, then the current values are pushed onto the history and the position is changed.


Pushes the current parameter settings on to where the next history position is based on the current HistoryPosition. All items after are cut.

  • void PushHistory()


Sets the date offset value from an enum.


Sets the date range.


  • startDate - The start date.
  • endDate - The end date.
  • grain - The date grain.


Sets the range token.


  • token - The range token.
  • tokenOffset - The token offset.


Sets the selection.

  • void SetSelection( params object[] selectedValues )


  • selectedValues - The selected values (or selected member keys if the parameter is based on a full dimension).


Converts this instance to a ParameterInfo object.


Returns a comma-separated list of selected values.

  • string ToString()
  • string ToString( char separatorCharacter, char escapeCharacter )


Updates this instance from the supplied parameter info.

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