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Dundas Dashboard for Mobiles

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Dundas Dashboard for Mobiles

Dundas Dashboard provides you with a range of viewing options that are designed specifically for popular smartphone and tablet platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad. There are different kinds of apps and viewing choices as follows:

  • Smartphone apps: Business analysts define KPIs as usual by using their Dundas Dashboard instance. Each KPI can then be independently enabled for graphical viewing on a smartphone with just a bit of extra setup at the KPI design stage. To actually view KPIs on a smartphone, install the platform-specific Dundas Dashboard app. These KPI viewing apps are designed to accommodate the smaller screen sizes of smartphones.

  • HTML Explorer/Home: For supported mobile devices that can browse the web, or computers with supported web browsers, simply go to the HTML Explorer/Home URL in order to view your dashboards as HTML5. No app is required, just a web browser. This works for supported smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

  • Tablet apps: Dundas Dashboard also provides a platform-specific Dundas Dashboard Explorer app that lets users navigate within available projects and view dashboards using HTML5. These apps operate just like the HTML Explorer. If you don't see an app version for your specific tablet, use the HTML Explorer option instead as the functionality is similar.

Tip: Watch the how-to video: Viewing Dundas Dashboard on Mobile devices

Dundas Dashboard mobile choices.

Dundas Dashboard mobile choices.

Tip: Before using our smartphone apps to view your own KPIs, you must install the Mobile Web Service. You can do this through the Deployment Center. Note that the HTML Explorer and the tablet apps do not require the Mobile Web Service.

Table of contents

Mobile/native apps

  1. Mobile Requirements
  2. Installing the Mobile Web Service
  3. Configuring a KPI for Mobile Access
  4. Dundas Dashboard Mobile Applications
  5. Dundas Dashboard app for smartphones: Android | BlackBerry | iPhone
  6. Dundas Dashboard Explorer app for tablets: Android | iPad


  1. HTML5 Requirements
  2. HTML Viewing Limitations
  3. Using the HTML Explorer
  4. Designing Dashboards and Tiles for HTML Viewing
  5. Customizing the HTML Explorer
  6. HTML Home Screen Settings
  7. Using the HTML Viewer
  8. Integrating the HTML Viewer in ASP.NET Applications
  9. Creating HTML Add-On Controls

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