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Analytical Combo - Dashboard Control

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Modified on Fri, 06 Jul 2012 11:26 AM Categorized as Data Controls, OLAP
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Analytical Combo control.

Analytical Combo control.

Use the Analytical Combo control to design an analytical dashboard (or dashblock) in as little as one step. This control includes nearly all other analytical controls built-in with a flexible layout, giving users the ability to slice, drill-down and filter their OLAP data for in-depth analysis, and visualize data using their choice of a data grid or chart.

The Analytical Combo contains the following controls in resizable panes:
Tip: This control can be split into its component controls to help speed the design of a dashboard as compared with setting up each control individually.

Table of contents

  1. Using the Analytical Combo Control
  2. Keywords
  3. Properties Reference
  4. Interactions Reference

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