Troubleshooting Notifications / Scheduled Reports

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This article provides possible resolutions when you are either not receiving the email notifications or when you get the notification but there is no image attached.

Not receiving Email Notification

Troubleshooting - Check what (or what does not) work

  1. Generate the file instead of sending the notification/report as email:
    • For Notifications, use the specifiedPickupDirectory or Create File options to check if there is an issue with the email delivery. These options create a file on the server to the folder specified and you need to ensure that the app pool user that runs Dundas Dashboard has the full permissions to the folder specified.
      • specifiedPickupDirectory option will create an .eml file.
      • Create File option will create a .PNG image file. To use this you need to ensure that the Image Creation Service is installed and configured.
    • For Scheduled Report, try to use the File delivery option:
      Result: If the file is generated, the problem could be with the email settings... proceed with Test#2 below. If the file is not generated, there could be a problem with the account your Scheduler and/or Image Creation services are using.
  2. Try to use an Annotation-based notification and see if you get the email notification. Make sure you're annotating on the correct metric.
    Result: If you receive the email, this means that your email provider/settings are configured properly. If you did not receive the email, proceed with the Test#3 below.
  3. Use public email account. It may be possible that the "mailSettings" information provided by your mail administrator is incorrect, thus you're not receiving the email notification. You can try a third party SMTP account such as gmail, and see if you receive the notification/report. You need to change the config file as below:


    Make sure you’ve Restarted the Dundas Dashboard Website after updating the configuration file.
    Result: If you received the email, this means that there is a problem with the email account you're previously using (e.g. your internal/company email), or there could be some restrictions in place on your mail server. For example, certain file type as attachments may not be allowed, or there could be spam filters, etc. Check with your Mail Server admin.

Email Notification received, but no image included

Possible Resolutions:

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