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Error Message



When you view a dashboard, you may receive the following error message: IsolatedStorage_Operation_ISFS.

Error when viewing a dashboard.

Error when viewing a dashboard.


  1. This is a Microsoft Silverlight issue that may happen intermittently.


This looks like a random Silverlight Issue related to the isolated storage. Can you please try to clear the storage? Detailed steps can be found below:
  1. Clear Silverlight Storage from the Silverlight dialog.
    1. On the client machine, open the Silverlight Dialog. To do this:
      • CTRL+Right Click on the Dundas Dashboard Interface, or on any Silverlight application
      • Or from Windows, click Start, and search for Silverlight.
    2. Select the Dundas Dashboard application
    3. Click on the “Delete” button
    4. Re-launch Dundas Dashboard and accept “Additional Storage required”.
  2. Or Manually delete storage files. Go to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\is and delete the storage file(s) there.
    Note: AppData may be a hidden folder. You can delete all existing storage file(s) as they will be recreated then next time the particular Silverlight application is accessed.

For more information, check the article on Silverlight Isolated Storage.

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