DashboardDataGridCell Class

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Represents a data grid cell.

DashboardDataGridCell is a DashboardControl.



ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
[DataSource]objectGets the source data point or OLAP cell object that provides the values displayed by this cell.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
[ActualHeight]doubleGets the height of the data grid cell.
[ActualWidth]doubleGets the width of the data grid cell.
DashboardDataGridColumn [DashboardDataGridColumn]DashboardDataGridColumnGets the dashboard data grid column.
DashboardDataGridDataMemberColumn [DashboardDataGridDataMemberColumn]DashboardDataGridDataMemberColumnGets the dashboard data grid data column.
DashboardDataGridRow [DashboardDataGridRow]DashboardDataGridRowGets the dashboard data grid row.

Tip: You can access the ActualHeight and ActualWidth properties from the data grid's Click, Mouse Move, or Mouse Up interactions.


DashboardDataGridCell has no additional public methods.

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