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Changing State Indicator Shapes

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Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:36 AM


The State Indicator control in Dundas Dashboard displays a graphical representation of the data, based on a series of predefined ranges and/or values. This control can be customized to display different colors and shape combinations based on the value of the displayed KPI.

This article will outline how to manage the State Indicator control to display different shapes and colors, both through the properties panel as well as via Scripting.

A configured State Indicator design

A configured State Indicator design

State indicator design

The State Indicator control can be very easily managed using the the Properties Panel UI to display different shapes, colours, as well as blinking effects, if desired.


To user the State Indicator, your KPI must:
  • include at least one State
  • return a single value

Changing shapes

Property grid for the State Indicator

Property grid for the State Indicator

To configure the State Indicator shapes and effects:
  1. Add a State Indicator control to the Dashboard Designer Canvas.
  2. Drop a KPI - that includes at least one State defined - on the State Indicator.
  3. In the Properties Panel, expand the Indicators list. This will open up a new Indicators window.
    1. Expand the States properties. This will open up a new States window that displays a list of all the states defined for the KPI.
    2. Select a state from the list of available states or create a new state by clicking on the Add button.
    3. Modify the properties of the state to configure the display of the State Indicator control. Some notables are:
      • Shape Fill - display color of the state.
      • Skinned Shape - a selection of pre-defined shapes for your State Indicator
      • Show In Legend - toggle whether to display this state in legend control
      • Show State Range in Legend - toggle whether to display state range in legend control
      • Blink Color - the color the State Indicator will transition to (Blinking enabled only)
      • Blink Duration - time to complete blink cycle
      • Enable Blinking - toggle to turn blinking off/on (default: False)
      • Start/End Value - range definition for state

Some Skinned Shapes available as a selection for each state

Some Skinned Shapes available as a selection for each state


The shapes defined in the states for a State Indicator control can also be managed through the scripting engine, using DundasScript.

The script below can be used on any triggered event: a button click; On Load on the dashboard, a Hover interaction.

// StateIndicator1 is the State Indicator control // The indexes for both the Indicators collection and States collection are // defined by the order they appear in the Indicators and States lists, respectively // The SkinnedShape property allows you to select from a pre-defined SkinnedShape // library of shapes

StateIndicator1.Indicators[0].States[0].SkinnedShape = DashboardSkinnedMarkerShape.Checkmark;

// You can also toggle the Shape property [instead of SkinnedShape], // using the DashboardMarkerShape list. // The Shape property offers a different selection of available shapes.

SkinnedShape selections:
  • ArrowDown
  • ArrowLeft
  • ArrowRight
  • ArrowUp
  • CheckCross
  • Checkmark
  • Circle/Circle2/.../Circle5
  • Cross
  • Diamond
  • FaceHappy/FaceNeutral/FaceSad
  • Harvey/Harvey2/Harvey3/Harvey4
  • Plus
  • Square/Square2/Square3/Square4
  • Star
  • Triangle

Shape selections:
  • ArrowDown
  • ArrowLeft
  • ArrowRight
  • ArrowUp
  • Check
  • Cross
  • Diamond
  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Star
  • TriangleDown
  • TriangleUp


The same State Indicator configurations are also available for the indicators used in a data grid scorecard. These can be customized either through the Properties Panel or via script.

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