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Scripting in Dundas Dashboard

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Modified on Mon, 09 Jun 2014 12:18 PM Categorized as Data Controls, General Controls, Library Reference, Scripting, Table of contents
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This article lists available DundasScript information and resources, including the various classes available to script writers.



  • Where can I get a Dashboard's GUID?
  • Avoid using the method, Convert.ToDateTime, in your scripts because its behavior in Silverlight differs between Mac and PC clients. Specifically, you may get inconsistent results if the Dundas Dashboard server is in a different time zone than its clients.
  • Before creating instances of data controls from script (⪚ by calling a constructor), it may be necessary to have a certain type of data control on your dashboard first. Otherwise, you will get a syntax error at runtime because the type of data control has not been registered yet for scripting.
  • Watch the how to video: Scripting Beginner

Class library reference

These are just some of the classes available for scripting:

In addition, each general control and data control has a properties reference that you can refer to and follow links from to find related classes.

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