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Add a stripline to a chart

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Modified on Mon, 27 Jan 2014 02:59 PM Categorized as Script Library
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Use this script to a stripline to LineChart1 that is the average of the displayed data on Series[0].


Tip: watch the how to video: Strip Line

// Initialize the storage to include 1 decimal place double avg = 0.0;

// Calculate the sum of all measure values currently displayed in the series for (int i = 0; i < LineChart1.Series[0].Points.Count; i++) {

avg += LineChart1.Series[0].Points[i].YValues[0]; }

// Calculate the arithmetic average of the series avg /= LineChart1.Series[0].Points.Count;

// Initialize a new set of StripLine properties DashboardNumericStripLineSettings dashboardNumericStripLineSettings = new DashboardNumericStripLineSettings();

// Set starting value where StripLine region is defined dashboardNumericStripLineSettings.StartValue = 0.0;

// Assign color to the StripLine region dashboardNumericStripLineSettings.Fill = new DashboardSolidColorBrush(Colors.Red);

// Assign the calculated average value as the StripLine endpoint on the axis dashboardNumericStripLineSettings.StripWidth = avg;

// Assign generated Stripline to display on the chart LineChart1.YAxes[0].Scales[0].StripLines.Clear(); LineChart1.YAxes[0].Scales[0].StripLines.Add(dashboardNumericStripLineSettings);

// Resulting StripLine will cover the entire region between // (dashboardNumericStripLineSettings.StartValue) to // (dashboardNumericStripLineSettings.StartValue + avg)

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