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Customize Legend Item Markers

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This sample demonstrates how to customize the legend item markers' size and shape. These particular customizations can only be done through scripting.

Default legend item marker size and shape.

Default legend item marker size and shape.

Adding the DundasScript™

You can add this script on the Dashboard Load Interaction. In this sample, Legend1 is the name of the legend control.

DashboardLegend legend = Legend1; //name of the legend control foreach (DashboardLegendItem legendItem in legend.LegendItems) { //to change the marker size legendItem.MarkerWidth = 12; legendItem.MarkerHeight = 12;

//to change the marker shape legendItem.MarkerShape = DashboardMarkerShape.Diamond; }

Note: Here are the different DashboardMarkerShape values you can use:

  • ArrowDown — An arrow shape pointing down.
  • ArrowLeft — An arrow shape pointing left.
  • ArrowRight — An arrow shape pointing right.
  • ArrowUp — An arrow shape pointing up.
  • Check — A check shape.
  • Cross — A cross shape.
  • Diamond — A diamond shape.
  • Ellipse — An elliptical shape.
  • None — No shape.
  • Rectangle — A rectangular shape.
  • Star — A star shape with five points.
  • TriangleDown — A trianglar shape facing down.
  • TriangleUp — A trianglar shape facing up.


Preview the dashboard:
Legend control showing the new marker size and shape.

Legend control showing the new marker size and shape.

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