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Hover Over a Data Grid Grouped or Subtotal Row

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Modified on Thu, 06 Sep 2012 11:45 AM Categorized as Data Grid, Script Library
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This script shows how to detect when a user hovers over a grouped or subtotal row in a data grid. A subtotal row is basically a grouped row that shows subtotal values.


Enter the the following script in a data grid Hover interaction. When a user hovers over a grouped or subtotal row, the script displays a message box which shows the name of the group and the value of the first field of the first data point under that group.

if ( e.VisualElementArgs != null && e.VisualElementArgs.DataSource != null ) { if ( e.VisualElementArgs.DataSource.ToString().Contains("CollectionViewGroup") ) { string groupName = e.VisualElementArgs.DataSource.Name; string columnValue = e.VisualElementArgs.DataSource.Items0.FieldValues0;

services.ShowMessage("group: " + groupName + ", column0: " + columnValue); } }

In the above code:

  • row.DataSource.Name returns the name of the group.
  • row.DataSource.Items returns the child groups or the child data points depending on the grouping level.

Hover over a subtotal row.

Hover over a subtotal row.

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