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State Indicator - Properties

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Modified on Fri, 22 Nov 2013 03:45 PM Categorized as Data Controls, Design, State Indicator
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This article describes the properties of the Dundas Dashboard State Indicator control.

Note: If you drop a KPI with no states on a state indicator, it will be rejected.

Property attributes

Each property of the control may have attributes as follows:

Property attribute
ImageThis is an Advanced property.
ImageThis is a property that can be saved into a Style Resource.

Also, note that a property appearing without a Property Name is accessible via scripting only.



ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
[DerivedFriendlyName]stringGets the name based on FriendlyName if set, otherwise Name.
ImageDisable Exporting [Not_accessible_in_script_editor] If this is set to true, this control will not appear in the export wizard or be available for export in any other way.
ImageEnabled [IsEnabled]boolIndicates whether this control can be interacted with. Some controls have a different appearance when not enabled.
ImageExport Order [Not_accessible_in_script_editor] Defines an order in which the control is exported.
Friendly Name [FriendlyName]stringThe friendly name of the control which will appear to viewers and should be easily identifiable for them.
ImageHit Test Visible [IsHitTestVisible]boolIndicates whether this element can be interacted with.
ImageIndicators [Indicators]DashboardIndicatorsCollectionCollection of state indicators.
Name [Name]stringThe name of the control which can be used to reference it with scripting.
Tooltip [ToolTip]stringThe tooltip typically shows up when the user hovers over the element with their mouse.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageBackground [Background]DashboardBrushThe background brush of the control.
ImageBorder Brush [BorderBrush]DashboardBrushThe border of the control.
ImageBorder Thickness [BorderThickness]ThicknessThe thickness (in pixels) of the border.
ImageImageBottom [Bottom]doubleThe bottom border thickness, in pixels.
ImageImageLeft [Left]doubleThe left border thickness, in pixels.
ImageImageRight [Right]doubleThe right border thickness, in pixels.
ImageImageTop [Top]doubleThe top border thickness, in pixels.
ImageMouse Cursor [Cursor]DashboardCursorThe mouse cursor that displays when the viewer puts their mouse overtop of this element.
ImageImageOpacity [Opacity]doubleThe opacity of the control.
Style [Not_accessible_in_script_editor] The style to use on this dashboard object.
ImageVisibility [Visibility]VisibilityIndicates whether this control is visible or not. If it is collapsed, it will not be visible.
ImageImageVisual Effect [VisualEffect]DashboardEffectThe visual effect applied to this element.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
[BottomGuidelineName]stringThe name of the bottom guideline.
ImageBottom Pin [BottomPin]boolIndicates whether the bottom pin is enabled or not.
Height [Height]doubleThe height of the control.
Left [Left]doubleThe left is how far from the left side the control resides.
[LeftGuidelineName]stringThe name of the left guideline.
ImageLeft Pin [LeftPin]boolIndicates whether the left pin is enabled or not.
ImageMargin [Margin]ThicknessThe margin around the outside of the control in pixels.
ImageBottom [Bottom]doubleThe bottom margin thickness, in pixels.
ImageLeft [Left]doubleThe left margin thickness, in pixels.
ImageRight [Right]doubleThe right margin thickness, in pixels.
ImageTop [Top]doubleThe top margin thickness, in pixels.
ImageMaximum Height [MaxHeight]doubleSets the maximum height for a control. During re-size, the control will not go more than this value.
ImageMaximum Width [MaxWidth]doubleSets the maximum width for a control. During re-size, the control will not go more than this value.
Orientation [Orientation]OrientationThe orientation of the underlying stack panel.
[RightGuidelineName]stringThe name of the right guideline.
ImageRight Pin [RightPin]boolIndicates whether the right pin is enabled or not.
Top [Top]doubleThe top is how far from the top the control resides.
[TopGuidelineName]stringThe name of the top guideline.
ImageTop Pin [TopPin]boolIndicates whether the top pin is enabled or not.
Width [Width]doubleThe width of the control.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageImageCustom Font [CustomFont]stringA comma-separated list of font names to use when the value of Font Family is set to <Custom>.
ImageFont Brush [Foreground]DashboardBrushThe brush used to paint text.
ImageFont Family [FontFamily]DashboardFontFamilyThe name of the font used for text.
ImageFont Size [FontSize]doubleThe size of the font (in pixels) used for text.
ImageFont Style [FontStyle]DashboardFontStyleThe style of the font used for text.
ImageFont Weight [FontWeight]DashboardFontWeightThe weight or thickness of the font used for text.
ImageFormat String [FormatString]stringThe format string for the text.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
Legend [Legend]stringThe name of the legend on the dashboard which will display the entries from this state indicator.
Legend Category [LegendCategory]stringThe category of the legend items for this chart.


ImageImageProperty Name [Script Name]TypeDescription
ImageAccelerator Key [AcceleratorKey]stringThis is the accelerator key for accessibility.
ImageAccess Key [AccessKey]stringThis is the access key for accessibility.
ImageCustom Context Menu Commands [CustomContextMenuCommands]InteractionCommandCollectionThe custom commands appended to the context menu for the dashboard and any elements which don't have their own context menu.
DataDescriptor [DataDescriptor]DashboardDataDescriptor
[DataDescriptors]Collection<DashboardDataDescriptor>A collection containing a descriptor for each KPI or dataset displayed on this control.
ImageDisable Loading Data [IsLoadingDataDisabled]boolPrevents the control from loading data.
HasDesignTimeLoaded [HasDesignTimeLoaded]bool
Help Text [HelpText]stringThis is the help text for accessibility.
ImageHover Delay [HoverDelay]doubleThe number of seconds that have to elapse before the hover interaction event fires.
ImageTab Index [TabIndex]intThe index that this item is in the tab order.
ImageTab Navigation [TabNavigation]KeyboardNavigationModeThe way tab is navigated to/from within this control.
[Tag]objectUsed to store an arbitrary object in script.

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