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Tag Cloud - Dashboard Add-on

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Modified on Wed, 02 Dec 2015 02:54 PM
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Go to the Dundas Dashboard Add-ons page for instructions on downloading and installing this add-on.


A tag cloud (often referred to as a word cloud) is a visualization that displays text of varying sizes and colors. The size and the color of the text correspond to the actual value associate with the text. This control draws your eyes very quickly to the texts with larger values.

You can see from this above figure that Dimension, Analyst, Data Visualization and Olap are all very high in relation to every other member


To use this add-on, install it on the Dundas Dashboard server. Once installed, it will appear in the toolbox. Just drag and drop it onto the dashboard canvas like you would with any other control.


Once it is on the dashboard canvas, drop a KPI into the control. The measure of the KPI will act as the value and the dimension will be the text that is displayed.

Control the appearance of the Tag Cloud using the properties given in the properties grid.


Release history

This add-on was first released with Dundas Dashboard 2.0.0.

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