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Dundas Dashboard supports both Windows authentication and its own built-in authentication system for managing user access. You can configure Dundas Dashboard to use either authentication scheme. The Dundas Dashboard platform also includes an account provider API, which lets developers create custom authentication add-ons for Dundas Dashboard.

When you launch Dundas Dashboard for the first time, the initial screen you will see is the Login Screen:

The Login Screen.

The Login Screen.

Logging in using Dundas Dashboard authentication

To log in using the built-in authentication system:

  1. Type your user name in the User Name box.
  2. Type your password in the Password box.
  3. Click Login. If the credentials are valid, the Dundas Dashboard Home Screen is displayed. If this is your first login (and depending on the options that you have installed), the Home Screen will be overlaid by a Tutorial window which lets you view guided tours of the application.

Note: If you have just installed Dundas Dashboard, type admin in the User Name box, then enter the Dundas Dashboard administrator's password that you specified during the installation procedure. For other users, contact your Dundas Dashboard administrator to obtain a user name and initial password if you do not have one.

The Dundas Dashboard Home Screen for a user with design privileges.

The Dundas Dashboard Home Screen for a user with design privileges.

Logging in using Windows authentication

If your installation of Dundas Dashboard has been configured to use Windows authentication, you will see a Windows Login button in the Login Screen.

Login Screen with Windows authentication option.

Login Screen with Windows authentication option.

To log in using Windows authentication:

  1. Leave the User Name and Password boxes blank.
  2. Click the Windows Login button. If your Windows credentials are recognized as a valid Dundas Dashboard user, the Dundas Dashboard Home Screen is displayed. If your web browser doesn't automatically provide Windows credentials, you will be asked to provide your domain user ID and password to log in.

Note: Windows authentication is enabled by your administrator via the Dundas Dashboard Configuration File. For more details, see Using Windows Login to Access Dundas Dashboard.

Login sessions

Session expiry

While you are logged in to Dundas Dashboard, the application keeps track of your login session and monitors it for inactivity. If you stop working with the application for longer than the default period of one hour, your login session will expire and you will be logged out automatically. To continue using Dundas Dashboard, you will need to log in again.

Dundas Dashboard administrators can change the default session expiry period by modifying the Dundas Dashboard Configuration File.

Note: If your login session expires, any changes you made in the application, but have not yet saved or checked in, will be lost.

Active session

Dundas Dashboard administrators and users with designer / developer privileges are permitted to have only one active login session at a time. Such a user cannot be logged in simultaneously from two different computers. A user attempting to log in while already logged in elsewhere will have the option to cancel or continue logging in, which will end the user's existing login session.

A user is already logged in on another computer.

A user is already logged in on another computer.

However, users are permitted to open multiple browser window (or tab) instances of Dundas Dashboard on the same computer since each of these instances share the same login session. For example, you can be viewing a dashboard in one browser window while creating a new data connector in another window.

Logging out of Dundas Dashboard

To log out of Dundas Dashboard and return to the Login Screen, click Log Out from the Dundas Dashboard Toolbar.
The Log Out button.

If you have more than one browser window (or tab) instance of Dundas Dashboard open on the same computer, you will be asked to confirm the operation as logging out will cause you to lose any unsaved work in those other windows or tabs.

Confirming log out.

Confirming log out.

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