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Error Message

Error when trying to copy and paste.

Error when trying to copy and paste.


When you try to copy and paste in the dashboard Silverlight application, you get the error message.


  • The first time you tried to copy or paste into Dashboard, there was a window that popped up from Silverlight and it will ask for permission for copy/paste. If you said no the script editor will not let you copy/paste.
    Silverlight clipboard permission popup.

    Silverlight clipboard permission popup.


  • You can change/reset this option in case you have set this window to no. This can be accessed through the Silverlight Configuration, which can be found in your Start Menu. Start- All Programs- Microsoft Silverlight. Then click on the Permissions tab and look for the site that corresponds to your Dashboard. Click on “Clipboard” found under that site, and click on the Allow button. Press ok to close the window. Refresh your browser with Dashboard if it is still open.

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