<![CDATA[Dundas Support Zone - Failed to create new object (Row not found or changed)]]>http://support.dundas.com/Dashboard5.ErrorMessage_RowNotFoundOrChanged.ashxWed, 17 Jun 2020 20:06:08 GMTScrewTurn Wiki RSS Feed Generator<![CDATA[Failed to create new object (Row not found or changed)]]>http://support.dundas.com/Dashboard5.ErrorMessage_RowNotFoundOrChanged.ashxError message When creating a new data connector, you see the following error message trace or something similar:

Failed to create new object.

[0] Row not found or changed.
[Dundas.Dashboard.DDException] at Dundas.Dashboard.DDException..ctor(String message, Exception innerException)
at Dundas.Dashboard.DDException.FromDataContract(String typeName, String message, String stackTrace)
at Dundas.Dashboard.DDException.FromDataContract(ExceptionData dataContract)
at Dundas.Dashboard.Business.DataConnector.<>c__DisplayClass36.b__35(Object sender, SaveDataConnectorCompletedEventArgs e)
at Dundas.Dashboard.BusinessService.BusinessServiceClient.OnSaveDataConnectorCompleted(Object state)


This message may be due to the no count option being enabled on your SQL Server instance.


Try turning off the no count option on your SQL Server instance as follows:

  1. Start SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Right click on your SQL Server instance and select Properties.
  3. In the Server Properties dialog, select the Connections page on the left-hand side.
  4. In the Default connection options list on the right, uncheck the no count option.
  5. Click OK.

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