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To get started, click on a sample on the left hand side of the screen to see more information. You can filter and sort the list using the options at the top.
Dashboard Name Category
Top & Bottom N Points Chart
Treemap Overview Treemap
World Locations Map
Dynamic Cell Colouring Datagrid
Progress Bar Scorecard Datagrid
Multiple KPIs Scorecard Datagrid
Absolute Value Series Merge Chart
Cascading Filter Parameters
Investment Objective What If Analysis
Pie Combination Chart
Theming Dashboard
Real Time Data Dashboard
Detail Level Revisualization Drill Down
Scatterplot Overview Chart
Dynamic Measures Chart
Scorecard Overview Datagrid
Stacked Bars With Splitter Chart
Contribution Pie Chart
Text Validation Textbox
Top or Bottom N Points Chart
CO2 Impact What If Analysis
Drag and Drop Dashboard
Custom Tooltip Chart
Data Table Chart
Airline Real Time Map Map
Element Resizing Dashboard
Run Chart Chart
Series Comparison Chart
Series Highlighting Chart
Sync Categorical Parameters Parameters
Nested Treemap Treemap
Data Label Driven Parameter Parameters
Dynamic Column Grouping Datagrid
Floor Plan Map
Linear Regression Chart
Quadrant Chart Chart
Quadratic Equation What If Analysis
Shape Binding Map
State Based Coloring Chart
Sales Funnel Dashboard
Dynamic Symbol Binding Map
Density Map (Heat map) Map
Consumption Sample Dashboard
Diagram Map
Dynamic Ranges Dashboard
Date Slider Parameters
Hardcode String Instant Dimension Parameters
Hardcode String Instant Dimension Multiselect Parameters
Help Frame Help
Six Sigma (Xbar and R) Chart
Pie Chart Overview Chart
Pie Chart Collapsing Chart
Radar Chart Google API
Path Binding Map
Brushing Dashboard
Hierarchy Drill Down Drill Down
Pareto Chart Chart
Export Parameter Values Export
Period Striplines Chart
Scroll Window Chart
Dynamic Column Hide/Show Datagrid
Traffic Light Overview Traffic Light
Waterfall Chart Chart
Discrete Range Selection Parameters
Injury Diagram Map

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