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HTML viewing limitations

The following features are not currently available for HTML viewing. This applies to both the HTML Viewer and the HTML Explorer/Home:

  • Analytical dashboards
  • Animations
  • Annotations - Can view existing annotations on DV controls but cannot create or edit them.
  • Formulas - Results of formulas created at design-time can be viewed as HTML, but users cannot create or apply formulas while viewing a dashboard as HTML.
  • Mashups

Toolbar operations

The following functionality or features normally available in the Dashboard Viewer toolbar are not supported for HTML viewing:

  • Applying formulas
  • Configure Series
  • Annotate
  • Annotation Filter
  • Manage
  • Notifications
  • Navigation
  • Right-click menu


Control-specific limitations when viewing in HTML:

General controls:
  • The annotation list control does not support the Data Setting and Data Columns properties.
  • The rich text label control is available for HTML viewing in Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later, but the format tag is not supported.
  • The theme selector control is not supported.
  • The title of the frame general control will be hidden or truncated in HTML when the Title Docking property is set to Left. As a workaround, add the following CSS to the HtmlStyleOverride.css file (replace YourFrame1 with the name of your frame control):
  • YourFrame1 .FrameTitle label { width:20px; }

  • Chart animations are not supported.
  • Zoomed-in charts are not supported.
  • Tooltips are not supported on line/area/point/radar/range charts (including stacked and 100% stacked charts), or on data point markers for any chart type. However, if marker visibility is enabled for a series, it is possible for the markers to display tooltips as long as they are given appearance settings that include either a gradient or a semi-transparent color. Markers can be given these settings by using either the palette's marker settings or the marker settings for the series.
  • Data point labels may not show on a chart if the series' Show Labels For property is set to Change Points and there are too many data points.

Data grid:
  • Using star sizing for columns in a data grid is supported in Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later.
  • The ActualHeight and ActualWidth properties of a data grid cell do not work in HTML.
  • Data grid column menus are supported for HTML viewing in Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later but there are some differences to note. To access the menu, click the menu button to the left of the column name. The button will always be visible if the column menu is enabled for the column. The column menu is only applicable if the column displays strings or numeric values. Also, the sorting options in the column menu do not apply when row grouping is enabled in the data grid.

  • Symbol elements do not change size anymore when you zoom in or zoom out on a map as of Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later.

Small multiples:
  • Setting Column Header Visibility or Row Header Visibility to Auto is the same as setting it to Visible.
  • When a data label is used as a child control, its Horizontal Alignment and Text Alignment properties do not work in HTML. The data label will always be centered.

Parameter controls:
  • The hierarchy viewer and hierarchy range viewer parameter controls are supported in the HTML Viewer but there are some limitations as follows:
    • Setting a vertical alignment to Stretch is the same as Top.
    • Setting Vertical Alignment or Vertical Content Alignment to Center is the same as Top.
    • Setting Selector Horizontal Alignment to Center or Stretch is the same as Right.
    • It is possible to select child members of different parent members, which can sometimes result in an error message.
    • There is only one “All” (consistent with other hierarchy parameter controls in HTML).
  • Filter validation rules are supported for parameter controls such as the hierarchy viewer and cascading hierarchy control in Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later.
  • The cascading parameter hierarchy control supports Update Type = Manual in Dundas Dashboard 5.0.2 or later.
  • The multi-select viewer parameter control is supported in Dundas Dashbord 5.0.2 or later.
  • The Parameter Token Menu is not available in HTML.
  • The selected Start and End Dates for a Time dimension are not reflected when using a Date Range parameter in HTML.


Scripting-related limitations:

  • When running DundasScript commands such as services.ShowMessage, the HTML Viewer uses web browser dialogs which are always modal (unlike Silverlight). Such dialogs must be dismissed by the user before the rest of the script continues executing.
  • The following ScriptServices methods are not supported for HTML viewing:
    • CopyToClipboard
    • SetupNotification
    • SetupScheduledReport
    • CloseDashboardDialog
  • Context Click interactions are not supported for HTML viewing.
  • Drilldown Click interactions (⪚ on a chart) will not work in HTML if you are using dashboard templates.
  • The properties, services.ParentDashboard and DashblockViewer.DisplayedDashBlock, are not supported in HTML (⪚ they may work differently than in Silverlight or are unavailable/null in HTML). Communication between a parent dashboard and a dashblock viewer should be handled using one or a combination of the two following options:
    • Use the DashblockViewer.SetParameters method.
    • Use services.Globals to safely pass information from the parent dashboard to the child dashblock.
  • If you have an implementation involving two dashboards, such as a parent dashboard and an overlay dashboard, note that the two dashboards are displayed using different html viewer instances which have no awareness of each other; hence, you can't change the state of elements on one of the dashboards from the other via scripting.
  • If your dashboard has a Parameter Update button and you have added a Click interaction for this button, the Click interaction will take precedence over the parameter updates. A workaround is to move your scripting code from the Click interaction to the dashboard's Parameter Changed interaction.
  • In HTML, the total size of the data that is stored in services.Globals is limited to approximately 4000 bytes. If you require more storage than this, a workaround is to store your data (e.g. text strings) using dashboard labels instead.
  • The services.ScreenHeight and services.ScreenWidth properties are not supported for HTML viewing (they will return invalid values).

Additional notes

  • Regarding browser/device support, see HTML5 Requirements.
  • The HTML Viewer supports export to Excel and other formats but there are specific limitations to note.
  • There is a bug in Safari on iOS 6 that results in missing elements on your rendered dashboard when effects such as blur or drop shadow are used. The workaround is to avoid using such effects in your dashboard elements.
  • Windows Authentication login and Windows Impersonation do not work with iOS 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2 and Safari browser. This applies to iPad and iPhone. The workaround is to use Chrome browser instead of Safari, or try upgrading to iOS 7.0.3 or later.
  • When viewing dashboards using the default browser on certain models or versions of Android 4 devices, you may experience intermittent loading errors such as error parsing attribute name or attributes construct error. A workaround is to install a non-webkit browser such as Opera instead.
  • Elements such as grid lines on a chart may disappear when zoomed out on a mobile device such as an iPad. For example, this may occur when you zoom out indirectly as a result of changing the orientation of your device. This is the behavior observed for all mobile browsers (including Chrome) due to how SVG rendering is performed. The workaround is to simply zoom in.
  • Chart axis labels may appear truncated in desktop versions of Chrome or Safari browsers depending on the font family or font size used for the labels. This is due to an issue with SVG rendering. The workaround is to try changing the font accordingly.
  • The Tooltip Duration property of a dashboard is not supported in HTML.

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