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The HTML Browser control lets you display HTML content on your dashboard, and is similar in concept to the use of an HTML iframe tag. Example usage includes displaying web pages hosted on any domain, or showing a detailed report published with SQL Server Reporting Services.

A dashboard using the HTML Browser control.

A dashboard using the HTML Browser control.


There are some limitations and known issues to be aware of when using this add-on. The most important one is that Silverlight Windowless mode must be used in order to allow both HTML and Silverlight content to be displayed. There may be performance and other implications when using Windowless mode - for more details, see the remarks here: Windowless (Silverlight Plug-In Object).

If you are integrating the Dundas Dashboard Viewer into your own Silverlight application, you must also configure that application to work in Windowless mode.

Other known issues:

  • Since Silverlight content cannot be displayed on top of the HTML content, any Silverlight dialogs, message boxes or other popup windows will not be visible if they overlap the HTML content.
  • The control does not work when previewing a dashboard.
  • The dashboard's Scale re-size mode is not supported.
  • Export as image and printing functions are not supported.


To install this add-on:

  1. Download and start the Deployment Center.
  2. Click Add-Ons and deploy the HTML Browser add-on.
  3. Edit the Dundas Dashboard Configuration File as follows:
    • Locate the key, IsSilverlightPluginWindowless, uncomment it, and set its value to true.
    • Restart the Dundas Dashboard website (⪚ restart IIS).


Once installed, the HTML Browser control appears as an item in the General Controls section of the Dashboard Designer toolbox. Just drag and drop it onto the dashboard canvas like you would with any other control:

The Toolbox showing the HTML Browser control.

The Toolbox showing the HTML Browser control.

Once it is on the dashboard canvas, go to its properties window and set its Source property to a desired URL (such as: http://www.dundas.com):

HTML Browser control properties.

HTML Browser control properties.

You can now save, check-in, and view your dashboard to see the content from the source URL.

Tip: You can also set the Source property via scripting.

Release history

This add-on was first released with Dundas Dashboard 2.5.1.

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