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The Video Player add-on is a basic dashboard control that lets you embed a video on your dashboard. You can configure the add-on by specifying a URL to a supported video file format, such as WMV or MP4/H.264.

A video control (HTML add-on version).

A video control (HTML add-on version).

Note: Whether a particular video file format is supported or not depends on the browser you are using and whether you are viewing the dashboard in Silverlight or HTML.


Getting started

To use this add-on, install it on the Dundas Dashboard server and restart the Dundas Dashboard website. Once installed, the Video Player item will appear in the Dashboard Designer toolbox under General Controls. Simply drag and drop this item onto the dashboard canvas like you would with any other control.

The Toolbox showing the Video Player control.

The Toolbox showing the Video Player control.


The main properties of the Video Player control are:

  • Url - Specify a URL to the video file that will be played. For example: http://www.w3schools.com/html5/movie.mp4
  • Volume - Adjust the playback volume by specifying a value between 0 and 1. Default value is 0.5.

Using the video player in Silverlight

If you are using the add-on in a Silverlight dashboard, note that the video player does not have any controls for playing or pausing the video. Instead, you must use the following script methods of the video player in order to play, pause, or stop.

  • Play() - Play or resume the video.
  • Pause() - Suspend playing of the video.
  • Stop() - Stop the video.

For example, you can add a Button control to your dashboard and add a Click interaction script to play the video.

Calling Video Player methods from script.

Calling Video Player methods from script.

Play a sound when your data changes

In Silverlight, the video player can also play audio files in MP3 or WMA format. If you host the audio (or video) file on a web server, you can set up a dashboard to play a sound when data is changed. For example:

  1. Create a KPI with two states.
  2. Create a new dashboard.
  3. Add a video player control to the dashboard (from the General Controls folder).
  4. Set the name of the video player to VideoPlayer1.
  5. Set the Url property of the video player.
  6. Move the video player outside of the dashboard canvas so it will be hidden when the dashboard is viewed.
  7. Add a state indicator to the dashboard.
  8. Drag the KPI to the state indicator.
  9. Right-click on the state indicator to go to its Data Information menu. Click Configure KPI settings. In the first step of the Data Settings Configuration wizard, enable data refresh and set the refresh rate to 10 seconds.
  10. Add the following script to the On Data Changed interaction of the state indicator.

VideoPlayer1.Stop(); VideoPlayer1.Play();

Next, check the dashboard in and then view it. Whenever the data refresh happens, you should hear the audio file played back. An improvement to the above script is to actually check that data has changed, or check which state the data is in before playing the sound.

Using the video player in HTML

If you are using the add-on with the HTML Viewer, note that video format support depends on the browser. For example, MP4 videos will play in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, but not Mozilla Firefox. The add-on will display an error at viewing-time if the browser doesn't support the video format.

In HTML, the add-on displays a Play button in the bottom-left corner of the control (as shown in the Overview).

Release history

This add-on was first released with Dundas Dashboard 4.0.0.

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