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The Dundas Dashboard Data Label control lets you add a data-driven text label to your dashboard.

You typically use the data label control to display a single value from a KPI or dataset.


Displaying a KPI value

Follow these steps to display a single-valued KPI on a data label:

  1. Drag a Data Label control from the toolbox to the canvas.
    Data Label in toolbox.
  2. Drag a single-valued KPI from the toolbox to the data label on the canvas. The data label changes appearance on the canvas to show a preview of what it looks like at viewing-time.
    Drag KPI to data label.
  3. The data label's Data Column property is automatically updated with a reference to the KPI and measure that it is displaying.
    Data Column property.
  4. Save, then preview your dashboard.

The label simply displays the single metric value from the KPI:

Data Label showing a KPI value.

Data Label showing a KPI value.

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