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Dundas Dashboard lets you install add-ons to provide additional data visualizations, controls and functionality. Add-ons are stand-alone features that you can install into an existing deployment.

Downloading Add-ons

Add-ons are included as part of the Dundas Dashboard Deployment Center.

You can download the Deployment Center from the Your Account · Downloads tab. In order for add-ons to operate correctly, the versions of the add-ons have to match that of your &dw; installation.

Installing Add-ons

Each add-on is packaged as part of the Deployment Center:

  1. Install add-ons via the Deployment Center.
  2. After installing, restart the Dundas Dashboard website in order for the add-on(s) to be recognized.

Once your add-on is installed, it will be displayed in the Dashboard Designer Toolbox if it is a Dashboard control, available in the Export wizard if it is a data export add-on, or visible in the Data Connector screen if it is a data provider add-on.

You can also use the Plugin Manager utility to view an add-on's dependencies and other information.


Dundas Dashboard add-ons are often released as-is, without support. You can still report bugs or request features for them, but other support issues may receive priority treatment.

Add-ons that are officially supported will receive our normal Dundas support, depending on your support contract.

Available Add-ons

Data Providers

Google AnalyticsImport website statistics data from your Google Analytics account.

Dashboard Controls

NameHTML compatibleDescription
AnimatorYesAdd timeline-based animations to your dashboard.
Help OverlayYesDisplay an expandable/collapsable help window on your dashboard.
HTML BrowserYesDisplay HTML content on your dashboard (similar to an iframe).
Pareto ChartYesAdd support for Pareto Chart in your dashboards.
PictogramYesA pictogram control displays a single-valued KPI using symbols or images.
Rating ControlYesA rating control displays a data value using a proportionate number of star symbols (⪚ 3 stars out of 5).
RSSYesThe Dundas Dashboard RSS add-on lets you integrate RSS feeds into your dashboards. It supports ATOM 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds, and allows for numerous customizations (font, colors, etc.). It also lets you set the maximum number of items in the feed per page.
Six SigmaYesAdd support for Six Sigma control charts to your dashboards.
Sticky NoteYesDisplay a general note or a single metric value on your dashboard.
Tag CloudYesThis add-on lets you use tag clouds within your dashboards. Tag clouds are a great way to visualize text, with size and color determining the importance of the text. The add-on gives you the ability to choose start and end color, start and end size, high color and more. The add-on also supports data refresh and scripting.
Video PlayerYesA basic video player control.
Visualization Color CodesYesThe Visualization Color Codes add-on lets you apply colors to data points or series based on their associated dimension members.

Note: HTML compatible add-ons are supported for HTML viewing.

Data Exporters

PDF ExportLets you export your dashboard as a PDF document.
PowerPoint ExportLets you export an image of your dashboard as a PowerPoint (PPTX) document.

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