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For information about the 5.0.x releases of Dundas Dashboard, please refer to the 5.0.x documentation.

Upgrading from previous versions

The Dundas Dashboard 5.5 installation process will automatically upgrade your Dundas Dashboard application databases if you choose the option to re-use an existing data store or if you choose the Upgrade Installation option.

For more details, including important notes about the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading Dundas Dashboard.

What's new in Version 5.5

Here is a list of the main features introduced in Version 5.5:

HTML Viewing

Data Connectors

Business Metrics

  • Removed character/scrolling limit when entering a DundasScript expression for a KPI/Dataset calculated column.

Dashboard Design

Data Visualization Controls

  • Subtotal text now inherits the text wrap settings from the data grid column which contains it.
  • Text wrapping for group descriptions in a data grid.

Export and Scheduled Reports


  • New privilege for user accounts and security groups to control ability to view HTML dashboards.
  • Administrators can now log out a user from the context menu or from the View Full List screen.
  • Show the user's full name and email address when viewing the Account List.
  • Set the default view for a Windows Group or Security Group from the UI or use the Administration API.
  • Show the user's full name when setting up Security Group membership.

API / Integration / Embedding

  • IntegrationHelper class adds new methods for running Sync Caching and Import schedules on demand.



Known Issues

There are known issues with the current release and suggested workarounds where applicable.

Release History

Version 5.5

Dundas Dashboard 5.5 was released on December 21, 2015.

Click here to see the list of fixed issues.

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