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Determines whether the dashboard data which the designer wants to add to the DV is supported or not. It may not be supported, for example if the dimension type is different. The default is trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic).

Namespace: Dundas.Dashboard.DashboardControls.Extensibility
Assembly: Dundas.Dashboard.Client (in Dundas.Dashboard.Client.dll) Version: (


public virtual bool IsDashboardDataSupported(
	DataVisualizationDataParameters dataVisualizationDataParameters
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Function IsDashboardDataSupported ( 
	dataVisualizationDataParameters As DataVisualizationDataParameters
) As Boolean


Type: Dundas.Dashboard.DashboardControls.Extensibility..::..DataVisualizationDataParameters
The data visualization data parameters.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic) if the dashboard data is supported; otherwise, falseFalsefalsefalse (False in Visual Basic).

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